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All content covered in a Zoom lesson, pre-recorded or in Google Classroom will remain the property of St. Clare’s and the teacher. Therefore, it is not permitted to share content with any third party. 


  • The link to the Zoom lesson provided to the student is intended for the sole use of the student. The link shall not to be shared with any third party.

  • When using learning platforms or video conferencing, the school rules, the policies and procedures of St. Clare’s must be adhered to all times such as Internet and Social Media Acceptable Use Policy, Code of Behaviour, Child Safeguarding Statement, Dress Code, Data Protection Policy and all other relevant and associated policies.

  • The classroom rules apply when engaging remotely

  • Pupils must show the same respect for their teacher and fellow classmates as they would if they were in the classroom/school building

  • Pupils must be dressed appropriately for Zoom lessons - no pyjamas, shoulders covered, 

  • Pupils must be responsible and not share personal information

  • Pupils are not permitted to change their profile – preferable to leave the profile blank

  • Pupils should think before they post/type/comment

  • Pupils should not post anything that they would not want the whole world to see

  • Photographs, recordings and/or still shots are prohibited 

  • Mobile phones shall not be used during a Zoom lesson

  • Parents should monitor and check material/photos posted 

  • Parents should monitor and check Zoom lessons

  • Pupils have the option of disabling their microphone or video feed should they wish to do so

  • Pupils must keep focused on the task assigned

  • Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in accordance with the Code of Behaviour 

  • Any incident of inappropriate behaviour shall be reported to the Principal. The school will contact the Data


Commissioner, Tusla, and/or Gardaí if and when required.  




Board of Management 

Date:         15.05.2020



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