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Play Therapy at St. Clares


Hello, my name is Caroline and I am the Play Therapist here in St. Clare’s Primary School.  I am a fully accredited Play Therapist and have over nine years’ experience working in the field of both private practice and schools. 

It is my hope to empower children to understand and manage their big feelings and behaviours; supporting them to become more calm, content and confident.  


What is Play Therapy? 

(One on one/small group sessions) 


Play Therapy is a non-directive, child led intervention that uses the medium of play and creative arts to help children process and express their challenges.   


Children benefit from the time and safe non-judgemental space to develop and engage in a therapeutic environment, enabling them to reach their full potential.   


Play Therapy promotes:  

  • Self-confidence 

  • Imagination 

  • Creativity 

  • Concentration 

  • Communication 

  • Problem solving skills 

  • Self-esteem and  

  • Happiness in the child 


The relationship between the child and the therapist is central to the process. Once trust has been established, the child will be able to easily express themselves and make more sense of the world around them.   


Play Therapy can be effective for a broad range of problems including but not limited to anxiety, emotional regulation, bullying, social skills, behaviour, concentration, parental separation and trauma.  


Class work with 5th & 6th Classes 

Our aim is to help the students better negotiate their day-to-day challenges and to prepare them for the transition to secondary school. Working collectively as a class to build self-esteem, team-work and negotiating skills. We work in smaller groups which creates a safe space where each child can feel open to discussing their thoughts and feelings and giving them the opportunity to express them.  


During their time in the senior classes, students often struggle building, maintaining and navigating social situations. Through the medium of creative play and arts, the class teacher and I empower the children to manage these situations so that they are equipped with the tools that will benefit them now and in the future.  


Well-being and emotional agility are covered creatively on a weekly basis.  The student’s voice is heard and acknowledged promoting self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  In co-operation with the class teacher, we work on different themes each week including anxiety, gratitude, bullying, friendships, neuroscience, mindfulness and resilience.  

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