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Science Week - Healthy Teeth

We had lots of fun exploring the topic of healthy teeth for science week.

Our investigation focused on which popular drinks stain our teeth the most. We soaked eggs (shells contain calcium just like our teeth!) in various drinks (water, tea, orange juice, Coke, Prime & vinegar). We soaked a second egg in Coke but first coated it in toothpaste to demonstrate how it protects the enamel. The children showed interest and curiosity as we conducted the experiment.

We did 4 additional activities to add to our learning experience. We drew plaque on a laminated image of teeth and practiced brushing them clean with a toothbrush. We sequenced 4 pictures depicting tooth brushing. We brushed our own teeth. Lastly, we discussed and sorted foods that are healthy and unhealthy for our teeth.

Well done to our 4 superstars for their effort and participation.


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