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Senior Infants Investigate

Senior Infants loved testing out different materials to see which ones were waterproof for our annual science exhibition!

They wanted to figure out which material really is the best to use when making an umbrella.

First, we discussed the different materials we were going to use in the experiment and Senior Infants predicted which ones they thought would be waterproof and which ones would not be.

Next up, the most exciting part, Senior Infants carried out the experiment!

Senior Infants tested four materials, tinfoil, a rubber glove, a plastic bag and blue paper.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that the the tinfoil, plastic bag and the rubber glove were all waterproof as they didn't let any water into the plastic container. It was still dry even after pouring water onto these materials! The blue paper however, was not waterproof, it fell apart and let water through.

Senior Infants said they think plastic or rubber would be the best materials to use when making an umbrella.


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